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Weekly Newsletter Template

Do you send home newsletters for your families? This is something I highly suggest all teachers do after 14 years of experience. Let's quickly discuss why I began sending out newsletters. parents weren't reading our school newsletters: My school sent out monthly ones for parents and they were ... Read More about Weekly Newsletter Template

Classroom Lightbox Designs

Attention lightbox lovers! I got ahold of some of the cutest clip art from my friend Amanda at @aperfectblend and I knew I had to make lightbox inserts with them! I can't wait to share them with you here. I included Amazon affiliate links throughout this post for your convenience. Take a peek at ... Read More about Classroom Lightbox Designs

Mini Awards?

Cute idea alert! 🚨 My husband came up with a greatest idea! He was thinking back to when he graduated and had received a mini diploma along with his full sized one! I remember thinking I wish I had one of my own. 😭 He suggested making mini ones for students and it ended up being so easy to ... Read More about Mini Awards?

Mini Treasure Box Labels

I was at my favorite spot the other day (Target) and I stumbled into the cutest mini treasure boxes in the dollar spot area! I picked up a couple of them and had to find a way to use them. I made a couple of labels and have to say I think they turned out really cute! Check them out: Here ... Read More about Mini Treasure Box Labels